Silent Auctions and Fundraising Events


At Frame Smart we have been running and supplying items for Silent Auctions for many years. Over this period we feel that we have become the very best in the business and outlined below is a few of the reasons why we think we over the best customer care, and the very best chance of raising the most funds possible for your charity or organisation.


Silent auctions are widely regarded as one of the best ways to raise extra funds with absolutely no financial risk to you. The process behind a Silent Auction is that all bids are placed on a sealed bid basis with the eventual highest bidder winning the item. Sometimes guests will friendly bid against each over for the bragging rights and other times guests will place their bid in secret, the end result is always the same, more funds raised for your charity or organisation.


We have a full time Fundraising Consultant who will be than happy to come and see you to discuss your event and your requirements. We can help with tailoring your auction discussing what will work best for your event covering many areas and catering for all budgets. For the Silent Auction our in house design team will help to design your personalised event brochure, we will use your organisations colours and logo, promote your social network sites and provide a space to enable you to either sell this space as advertising or promote your upcoming events, all supplied free of charge.


Our team will arrive, at an agreed time, at the venue and setup the display, place brochures and pens on the tables. On the arrival of the guests our team will be on hand to explain the process of the Silent Auction and answer any questions regarding the items. During the evening forms will be collected and successful winners will be notified and payment collected. All items will be issued with certificates of authenticity for full piece of mind.


The following day you will receive a full breakdown with an itemised list of all the winning bidders and how much each item has raised for you. Any outstanding payments will be followed up within 24 hours and final funds will be transferred to you within 4 working days of the event. Any deliveries from the event will take place on our own transport to your guests at a time to suit them within 5 days.

We can supply any of our items to you on a sale or return basis...

We have worked with many clubs who have just asked us to provide a couple items to help top up a Silent Auction, or organisation’s who want to Auction a few items of on the night, no matter how small or large the request, we are happy to help, we can even supply the Auctioneer. Same old so far, so what makes us so different...

We have over 10 years experience in the memorabilia sector, I started as an autograph hunter and have been hooked ever since. I have assembled a small team who collect autographs so our collection is very diverse, we run signing sessions to ensure the very best autographs at the very best value for money.

We also frame all the items on our own premises, therefore the prices are the best in the business, a saving we pass on to you. We supply our clients with one item free of charge at ever auction we attend.

Finally, this is not our only area of business, this means we don't completely rely on this and therefore we can offer much better value, put us to the test and we will be shocked if you can find better.